Caroline Bouquet




French artist in Australia- Artistic expression through painting, ink, collage, etching & printmaking. Publications : 3 Sketchbooks (HongKong, Sydney, Australia)


The French artist Caroline Bouquet has lived in many places around the world and currently lives in Sydney.

As a printmaker, the exploration of ink, water and metal allows the discovery of a voyage in reality but above all an imaginary journey, its mapping, its territory and its impressions.


With a Master’s in Fine Arts (Versailles) and a Doctorate in Sociology (Sorbonne), Caroline Bouquet has exhibited internationally over the past twenty years, with her work held in both public and private collections.

Last Publication: Australia Elements,. She also authored and illustrated Hong Kong Five Senses and Mapping Sydney.

"I translate this passion as a  sharing - process. Sharing my experiences though painting capture my passion and has intensified when far from my origins."

Artistic references:

Anselm Kiefer’s craftsmanship in metalwork

Zao Wu Ki for his ink work

Victor Hugo, Rimbaud and Baudelaire for their literary work.